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HEALTHY Weight Control Diet by Rod G4TUG
22 August 2004
22 July 2007


BREAKFAST around 9.30 am:

1 egg (B vitamins) 4 to 6 prunes (vitamins A,B,C & E , potassium, magnesium & iron; more antioxidant than any other fruit.
OR oily fish e.g. mackerel, salmon, herring, kippers, sardines.(Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for the brain).
OR 22gm of natural porridge oats in 165ml of semi-skimmed milk (slow release of energy & reduction of cholesterol) most suitable on cold mornings. When the porridge is cooked, one may wish to add sugar free sweetener, sultanas and raisins; about a teaspoonful of each according to taste.

4 to 6 prunes (vitamins A,B,C & E , potassium, magnesium & iron; more antioxidant than any other fruit). One may substitute or mix with figs for variety.
Cup of tea if required (antioxidant, green tea contains EGCG that may protect from cancer).
Pure orange juice (about 165ml) for vitamin C. No added sugar. Or "Smoothies", excellent for the benefits of mixed fruit and tastes delicious.
One multivitamin tablet and one cod liver oil tablet (for the joints).


1 apple (one a day keeps the doctor away and reduces heart disease) & about 30gm hard cheese if required (calcium).

LUNCH around noon:

15 to 30 gm bran or muesli (calcium & regularity) in 125 ml semi-skimmed milk [calcium vitamin A (eyesight), B12 (blood cells), carbohydrates (energy), magnesium (muscles), potassium (nerves), protein, riboflavin (skin) & zinc (immune system)] and brown bread
OR pitta bread
OR brown roll (energy, fibre, calcium, iron & vitamin B).


15 to 30 gm bran in 125 ml semi-skimmed milk and 1 tablespoonful of nuts (unsaturated fat)
& dried fruit.
OR brown wholegrain or wholemeal bread
OR brown roll with cheese.

DINNER 5.30 pm, mostly diet food (predominately white meat or fish and as below).

Main meal meat with 2 or 3 vegetables (oily fish twice per week) 250 gms in total & one glass of red wine (protects against heart disease).
OR an occasional Indian meal is nutritious and the rice is filling but always ensure that ANY rice is cooked or re-heated until steaming (to avoid risk of diarrhea). Pudding (desert) preferably fresh or dried fruit
OR yoghourt (calcium)
OR mousse
OR two tablespoonfuls of ice-cream.
Cup of tea if required
1 square of dark chocolate (70 % cocoa and an antioxidant) (raises the spirit and feel good factor).


15 to 30 gm bran in 125 ml semi-skimmed milk
2 or 3 fish sticks
OR hard cheese
OR a tablespoonful of nuts with dried fruit

LATE SNACK (if required) 10.00 pm

1 SlimFast (or equivalent) bar
OR a few nuts & dried fruit
OR cheese

Daily Supplement: If thirsty, water or squash as necessary (orange, apple or Ribina, etc.,diluted in water), flushes the body and provides vitamin C.

This diet really works for me after many years of trying others. There are no nasty urine smells, hunger or irregularity. Oily fish is a bit expensive but cost is offset by small quantities. Ingredients are gleaned from the healthiest parts of other diets, doctor's and nutritionist's recommendations and common sense. Although this diet works for me, I strongly recommend that any prospective user consults a dietitian or their doctor to satisfy themselves that there is no conflict with their eating habits, health or medication.

Times and quantities may be varied or swapped around as desired but the ingredients suggested contain all the vitamins, carbohydrates, calories, etc. required for good health as recommended by those mentioned above. Adjust the quantities for desired weight control; rapid loss is not healthy and usually results in rapid gain.. My own rate of loss is about one pound or slightly less per week and I feel great even though I lead a sedentary life and do not take any exercise. Exercising for about twenty minutes per day is recommended, preferably walking or swimming; the latter for people with joint or mobility problems because the load on the body is less. It may seem strange to use the same diet for reducing or increasing weight but remember... more food intake results in more weight, less food results in less weight but it is important to consume the ingredient that contain the requirements for good health. To add weight add more fruit & vegetables and larger portions of meat and fish, not forgetting bread and dairy products but keep a good balance of ratios.

Wiltshire Farm Foods, who offer a delivery service (something like 'Meals on Wheels' but delivered frozen) supply ready made diet (and other) main meals containing the necessary ingredients. There is no connection between Wiltshire Farm Foods and myself other than that I am a satisfied customer. May I acknowledge Wiltshire Farm foods for all the information contained in their free magazine named Yours. There are also single frozen food packs available from supermarkets e.g. Sainsburys offer their own, Heinz Weight Watchers and Youngs. One Stop also offer the latter. The prices are often competitive and special offers abound. Check the contents and add vegetables if appropriate, as many colours as you like.


We are all different in weight, girth, height, metabolism, likes and dislikes, appetites, sleep patterns, digestion, etc. One of the things that we all have in common for good health is the need for the vitamins, carbohydrates and chemicals itemized above.

Whether it is required to lose or gain weight we still need to consume the requisites mentioned above. Therefore when making loss or gain adjustments, only alter the quantity of the food eaten but keep to the recommended diet items (or equivalent). Of course, if one wishes to gain weight one may eat all sorts of goodies in addition to the diet but be careful not to consume items that are actually damaging to health e.g. too much alcohol, tobacco, too many dairy products, saturated fats, etc. Use common sense and consider carefully what to eat. Watch out for allergies (e.g. nuts). If in doubt leave it out!

Finally, do not expect to see a steady rise or fall in weight. The accuracy of the scales, repeat positioning and time will all be parameters that may have an effect. So indeed will the regularity of ones own bodily motions and, no doubt, other factors too. Most dietitians and health centres recommend a weighing only once per week but always with the same weighing machine in the same place and at the same time; the foregoing leveling out the variations considerably. If one does decide to weigh oneself daily, one should not make immediate adjustments to the diet but wait a few days to see if there is a trend and then act accordingly. Be aware that it is not unusual to reach a plateau that may last two or three weeks (or even longer) when no weight change takes place, though often the waist line measurement does change. I have no idea why the foregoing happens but it may be something to do with the fact that muscle weighs considerably more than fat; activity may be causing the muscle build up to cancel out the effect of the fat loss. Do not worry, just stay with it...persistance pays..

And don't forget to balance the water intake if necessary. Too much may result in having to get up in the night too often; if so then drink less or none at all after say 6 o'clock in the evening. If too little is taken in the feet and ankles may swell up because the body thinks there is a drought and starts storing the fluid. There is no need to drink a specific amount because the food, tea etc contain much water anyway.

My target was to lose 8 stone from 18 stone 5 pounds. The foregoing has been achieved in September 2007. Now I will continue with the same intake but more of it.

Please beware of suppliers claims of low fat. Fat content is very good for one if it is UNSATURATED, it will actually remove existing fat from ones arteries, all the rest of the fat is deposited into ones system and should be avoided but that is not often made clear on the packaging.

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